Who We Are

by kylebvick

We are the Vicks! Currently, we are living in NE Thailand as English teachers. Before moving here, we were living in sunny Southern California. We met studying at Talbot seminary and through our local church. Both of us share a passion for people and the person and work of Jesus Christ. Once we got married, we moved to Thailand to work as English teachers in the public school system. As we’ve lived here and worked in the classroom, we’ve felt God invite us into the classroom of the world, where we learn not only from books but from faces and friends. Each day living in another culture keeps us grounded and humble, as we continue to encounter the beauty of different cultures around the world and see God’s heart for his sons and daughters.

We have been to 40 countries across 4 continents. Half of our travel has been solo over the years previous to meeting. Through dating and engagement we visited 9 countries in 2016-2017. We got married in 2018, moved to Thailand to become English Teachers and visited 9 countries.

In addition to learning and exploring the world and other cultures, we both love being active and outdoors. We love camping, running, hiking, swimming, surfing, rock climbing, and pretty much whatever else we can do outdoors. Here’s a little bit more we wrote about each other!

The Blog:

We’ve both been traveling our whole lives. Whether it has been with friends, family, or solo, one thing has remained consistent, we’ve been on the move. After living for several months in Thailand, we decided to begin documenting our time exploring the world. For the time being we are focusing on our most recent travels, but will be producing content on our past adventures as well as our trips to come.

The Tortoise

Kyle is steady.  He is deliberative, intentional and methodical in his active pursuit of life, people, and knowledge. He helps me slow down. He teaches me what it means to pause in life, rest, and create more space for reflection. He slows me down, I speed him up. He is the rest to my race. There is a balance in the tension within the reality of who we are and I am acutely aware of my need of his otherness.  Kyle is a learner to the core of his being. This is my favorite part about his heart and how he opens himself to people and the world.  I like learning from him and with him.  He does not fear growth or the discomfort of trying new things. He continually seeks a lifestyle of inner and outer growth in heart, mind, and body.  He is a seeker of truth. He fearlessly asks the hard questions and wrestles with the tension of other peoples views, beliefs and ideas, handling them gracefully with openness and respect.  He is my philosopher, scholar, and diplomat with a poet’s heart and a sexy brain. He listens before he speaks and is calculated in his tongue and use of language and words.  Kyle is a man of gentleness and humility in his desire to learn and grow, the definition of true strength. He is a wise man of honor and integrity who uses his gender, resources, and gifts to be an advocate for others.  His heart is deep, the deep to my deep. He is the writer, thinker, speaker, teacher, tutor, who communicates ideas, thoughts and feelings in profound clarity and beauty.

The Hare

Caitlin is fast. She runs fast. She cleans fast. She “moves fast and breaks things.” And she definitely feels fast. She feels for anyone and everyone. She often feels for others faster than they can even feel for themselves. Her heart feels deeply and beats fast and that is one of the most beautiful things about her. She truly has a remarkable gift for sitting with, listening to, and experiencing the story of another. That’s what makes Caitlin truly special.

And as if that wasn’t enough, she also has done more things than most people have done in their entire lifetime. Let me list a few examples: lived in India for a year, earned two Master’s degree, ran the Boston Marathon (the year of the bombing), and hiked a 14,000 foot high peak in a day. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. As you can tell she lives with a passion, in all areas, and refuses to accept anything short of the best experiences that life has to offer.