Our Philosophy

by kylebvick

The Farang Life started as a hashtag we would use on Instagram. Farang in Thai means foreigner. And whenever we made some cultural misstep, such as pouring chili sauce in our soup because we thought it was broth or putting our groceries on the belt too soon, we would hear the locals mutter “farang” under their breath. After a few months, we started telling each that we totally “farang-ed that” or that “we were living the farang life” whenever we found ourselves accidentally making a scene. It was our acknowledgement that we were living in another culture and occasionally would make total fools of ourselves. The Farang Life is a desire to live more aware of ourselves & culturally sensitive amidst our blunders as we learn.

What started as a joke, developed into a deeper way of thinking. The Farang Life became an encapsulation of our experience living cross-culturally. When you live as a foreigner, you don’t have the luxury of understanding every cultural norm or situation. So, as a foreigner, you have to learn to live very aware of what other people are thinking and what you are doing. Because you can’t just go on autopilot when you don’t know what’s going on or what is expected of you at any given moment. In those moments, we always wanted to be respectful of those around us. The Farang Life has become our catch phrase for the desire to live in greater awareness of ourselves and those around us.